• 1 The Association shall be called NORTH MIDLANDS CROSS COUNTRY LEAGUE
    and the object of the Association shall be the promotion of cross country running.
  • 2 Membership of the League shall be open to all Athletic Clubs in the Counties of
    Leicester, Derby and Nottingham and to adjacent Counties subject to the approval of the
  • 3 The Officials of the League shall consist of a President, Two Vice Presidents,
    Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasure and Hon. Vice presidents who shall be elected at the AGM
  • 4 The Management Committee of the League shall consist of the Officers and two delegates from
    each club.
  • 5 An Annual General Meeting will be held in September each year , each club being
    allowed two delegates at such meetings.
  • 6 Race venues shall be allocated to member clubs ,by vote, at the Management Meeting which
    will take place after the third league race,. This will allow arrangements to be made in good
    time. The venues will then be verified at the AGM
  • 7 The maximum number of competitors for any team shall be limited to twenty FIRST
    CLAIM members. Five competitors in the senior men’s race and three in the other races
    shall be required to score for a team.
    GUEST RUNNERS will not be allowed to compete.
  • 8 Team Titles- The winning team in each age group will be the team scoring the least total points
    in the series of races.
    Individual Titles shall be decided on a points system. The winner in each age group will
    be the runner with the highest total points irrespective of the number of races completed. In the
    case of a tie, the runner competing in most races will be the winner.
    The Overall League Champion for both Men and Women will be decided irrespective of age.
  • 9 PRIZES
    Individual awards will be given to the 1st., 2nd.and 3rd. in each age group.
    Team awards will be given to the winning team in each age group.
  • 10 Race Programme.( for 2005/6)
    The Race Programme will be agreed and amended when necessary at the Annual General
  • 11 Team envelopes must be collected by the team managers before the races
    After each race the team manager must collect the team’s discs, write the
    Runners’ names on the envelope and the age group, where appropriate and
    return the envelope and discs to the results team without delay.
  • 12 League fees shall be decided at the AGM and shall become due at the first
    race of the season..